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  • Fear stops Brits going abroad
  • Fear stops Brits going abroad
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Fear stops Brits going abroad

In 2015, almost half of Brits opted out of a two week holiday, instead booking four short domestic breaks. While it might be money worries and a love for British culture that’s got some staying home, new research shows that worries about personal safety are also putting people off going abroad.



  • Fear drives sales of pepper spray in Germany Fear drives sales of pepper spray in Germany

    Sales of pepper spray and air guns have recently surged in Germany, spiking after the Paris terror attacks in November and again after the sex assaults on around 20 women that occurred on New Year's Eve in Cologne. Is this what's driving people to purchase these scare devices?

  • Pro-social firms help France out of emotional slump Pro-social firms help France out of emotional slump

    After a year of violence both at home and abroad, the French public is emotionally drained. With deteriorating confidence in their political system, their collectivist ideals present pro-social businesses with a unique opportunity to help dig them out of the tough times.

  • Article image Facebook Safety Check: keeping the crowd connected in times of need

    In the 24 hours following the attacks on Paris, 4.1 million people marked themselves ‘safe’ on Facebook. It prevailed as a practical tool for the masses; a way to alleviate worry and spur a collective sigh of relief. But is Safety Check simply a helpful feature or yet another way to perpetuate fear?

  • Article image Why staycations became the new British holiday

    Just 19% of Brits are planning on packing their suitcases and heading abroad for two weeks in 2015, yet almost half have booked four short trips scattered throughout the year. Why are people ditching the two-week trip of sun, sea and sand in favour of staycations and city breaks?