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  • Airbnb is offering more than a place to stay
  • Airbnb is offering more than a place to stay
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Airbnb is offering more than a place to stay

Airbnb has become the go-to service for travellers looking to rent a room on the cheap. And now, with the relaunch of its app, it's looking to expand its offering beyond accommodation to provide a range of travel services, putting personalisation at the heart of its product.



  • Article image HomeAway – Why Share It?: a holiday that’s all for you

    “Sharing is caring,” states a TV spot from holiday home rental company HomeAway. “Or at least that’s what they told us.” Actually, the spot highlights the uglier side of sharing holiday amenities like pools or bathrooms. But can HomeAway dethrone Airbnb by undermining the sharing economy?

  • Article image Intrepid: a sustainable future for the package holiday

    Whether you're in inner-city London or the wilds of Africa, an Aussie twang won't be out of place. International travel has never been so popular for Australians, but traditional travel agents and package tours have lost relevance. Intrepid is a sustainable, independent alternative to the tour market.

  • Airbnb introduces an 'Experience Card' Airbnb introduces an 'Experience Card'

    When you’re on holiday it can be hard sticking to a budget and a hassle to try to keep track of your cash. Airbnb recognises this, and that’s why it’s launched its 'Experience Card'; a loyalty scheme that ensures customers have enough money to make the most of their travels no matter what.

  • Airbnb connects tourists with locals Airbnb connects tourists with locals

    You've booked a room through Airbnb, but what do you do when you get there? The room sharing platform is testing a new feature called 'Local Companion', a concierge service that connects you to locals at your destination, who can tell you where's hot and what's pop.