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  • Aussies choke on the cost of cigarettes
  • Aussies choke on the cost of cigarettes
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Aussies choke on the cost of cigarettes

Prevention is often said to be better than the cure, but one thing's for sure – it’s also more profitable. Australia is hiking the tax on cigarettes each year, so much so that a packet will cost over $45 by the end of 2020, raising revenue while also discouraging unhealthy behaviour.



  • Tetra is making smoking stylish Tetra is making smoking stylish

    Although the number of people lighting up has declined in recent years, sales of tobacco accessories are on the up – but very few of these items are stylish. Tetra wants to change that, offering up beautifully designed smoking paraphernalia worthy of coffee table status.

  • Neutral cigarettes packs arrive in France Neutral cigarettes packs arrive in France

    The collapsed throats and lungs on cigarette packs that illustrate the slow and painful death that smokers face have been around since 2001. But what comes as a surprise is that France, a country famous for resisting such legislation, is now implementing the ‘neutral’ pack.

  • Article image Pax: a more luxurious way to vape

    Vaporizers have become such a common sight that ‘vape’ was the Oxford Dictionary’s ‘Word of the Year’ in 2014. Looking to target city workers with high incomes, luxury vaporizer brand Pax sets customers back £199. But can it shake off negative stigma and become an aspirational lifestyle product?

  • Article image Why going Down Under is good for your health

    The travel industry thrives on the pursuit of happiness, but just how far will people go to ensure they are healthy as well? All the way to Australia, as it turns out. The healthy holiday industry is now worth $438.6 billion a year, and Australia is enticing travellers with its ‘wild bush luxury’, ‘indigenous ingredients’ and health-focussed hotels.