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  • Flow streamlines the way apps are used
  • Flow streamlines the way apps are used
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Flow streamlines the way apps are used

With Gen Yers spending a third of their waking lives on devices, a fair amount of time is wasted flicking between apps and services. Wouldn’t it be simpler if there was a way to connect all your apps? Enter Flow, a service from Microsoft that's designed to do just that.



  • People only really use three apps People only really use three apps

    The time people spend on smartphone apps is continuing to grow, with Americans devoting almost 70 hours on them in June 2015 alone. But with people’s attention concentrated on just three of the top App Store apps for 80% of this time, is marketing in the others worth it?

  • Article image Google Inbox: simplifying our email admin

    We receive around 150 emails a day, and spend up to 38% of our time sifting through them all. Sorting, reading and replying to emails has become a daily chore that distracts us from both work and play. Can Google’s smart email client help us manage our online admin?

  • Article image iPhone for Life: a lesson in smartphone loyalty

    Over four iPhones are bought every second. Sprint’s iPhone for Life plan lets Apple fans rent their favourite phone, and get an upgrade whenever a new model comes out. But what impact will it have on brand loyalty, and how does it reflect changing attitudes towards ownership?

  • Article image What do people need from an app?

    The Apple App Store houses over one million apps. Despite once trying to do everything, apps are now being split into single purpose platforms. But how do people actually use them? And which is more useful – the Swiss Army knife approach or a tailored, single purpose app?