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  • Macy’s woos the Gen Y wedding market
  • Macy’s woos the Gen Y wedding market
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Macy’s woos the Gen Y wedding market

Making up just over a quarter of the US population, Gen Yers spend $600 billion a year on retail purchases – with 75% of them still made at brick-and-mortar stores. Macy’s now wants these shoppers to say ‘I do’ to its expanding wedding business, which it looks to roll out across 150 stores.



  • Clothes are the top category in the US e-commerce market Clothes are the top category in the US e-commerce market

    From lengthy queues to dingy changing rooms, the high street shopping experience isn't always appealing. And while stores are upping their game in response to the e-commerce boom, clothing is now the most shopped-for category online in the US, topping tech hardware, which was the former leader.

  • Article image Macy’s One Below: bringing Gen Y back to the racks

    As older Gen Yers achieve stability in their personal lives and careers, they’re finally reaching their peak consumption years. Facing stiff competition from online retailers and fast fashion giants, Macy’s is hoping to bring these shoppers back to the racks with new concept store One Below.

  • Article image ASOS Bridal: tying the knot with a budget bride

    Weddings are a big business. In the US, couples spend half a year's income on their special day, while the UK industry is worth £10 billion a year. And for many women, it's all about the dress. But in response to couples tightening the purse strings, brands are appealing to brides on a budget.

  • Article image Where should brands fit into our life stories?

    Storytelling has become a guiding principle for great marketing, letting companies neatly fit into consumers’ lives. But with one well-timed ad capable of changing someone’s shopping habits for years, how can brands address our milestone moments without seeming opportunistic?