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  • Uber is setting up a loyalty scheme
  • Uber is setting up a loyalty scheme
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Uber is setting up a loyalty scheme

Uber is testing out a loyalty scheme in Los Angeles, awarding users points for journeys, which can then be exchanged for free rides. The initiative only works on UberBLACK, and may be seen as an attempt to curtail the numbers of users flocking to UberX for its cheaper prices.



  • Airbnb introduces an 'Experience Card' Airbnb introduces an 'Experience Card'

    When you’re on holiday it can be hard sticking to a budget and a hassle to try to keep track of your cash. Airbnb recognises this, and that’s why it’s launched its 'Experience Card'; a loyalty scheme that ensures customers have enough money to make the most of their travels no matter what.

  • Article image Why do people become members?

    As people spend less time in traditional communities, they’re seeking connections beyond religion and family. Memberships with organisations or brands can create loyalty and boost revenues, but the reasons to join Scientology or Sainsbury’s are vastly different. So why do people become members?

  • Article image Waitrose Pick Your Own Offers: designing your own discounts

    The UK’s supermarkets are at war. With each chain jostling for space in a market predicted to be worth £203 billion by 2019, Waitrose’s Pick Your Own Offers scheme aims to grow the brand’s share with customisable discounts. But is it enough to win the battle for supermarket loyalty?

  • Charitable rewards for brand loyalty Charitable rewards for brand loyalty

    Kenco has announced a new scheme that rewards customer loyalty - with a twist. Customers can collect points from Kenco jars and choose to donate to one of two charities that support coffee farming communities. It's an effort to heighten Kenco's ethical credentials.