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  • Britain has a ‘lost generation’ of gardeners
  • Britain has a ‘lost generation’ of gardeners
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Britain has a ‘lost generation’ of gardeners

New research suggests that Britain has a lost generation of gardeners. Boomers have neglected to teach their kids how to garden to due to work commitments, with urbanisation also playing its part, meaning that Gen Xers and Yers are left lacking green fingers and, subsequently, gorgeous gardens.



  • IKEA helps people grow plants indoors IKEA helps people grow plants indoors

    For many, a big downside of living in a city apartment is not having an outdoor space. IKEA is helping people adapt their four walls into an urban oasis with its new hydroponic gardening kits. The retailer hopes that these soil-free setups will soon be sprouting home-made salads around the world.

  • Article image Walkonomics: slowing down to take the scenic route

    As people grow increasingly anxious about always being ‘on’, they’re seeking new ways to relax. Walkonomics is an app that encourages users to take longer, more beautiful paths. But if 70% of people feel short on time, will they really want to spend precious minutes on taking the scenic route?

  • An app to assist gardeners An app to assist gardeners

    For many, gardening can seem like an alien process. How do you know which flowers are which, or how to take care of them? After all, in the UK alone there are more than 400,000 flowering plant species. Fortunately, for those who aspire to green fingers, there's an app for that.

  • Article image Why Brits really love gardening

    Britain is a nation of gardeners. Nearly 80% like to get their hands muddy, and 82% say it makes them feel happier. It’s no longer a pastime for retirees. Whether growing your own or experimenting with the latest smart device, green fingers are spreading across the nation.