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  • Peer recommendations shape what we buy online
  • Peer recommendations shape what we buy online
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Peer recommendations shape what we buy online

Research conducted in early 2016 has confirmed what many may have intuitively suspected ‒ that people don’t always buy from the websites they get their information from, and that the word-of-mouth nature of social networks makes them an important part of decision-making when we shop.



  • Article image OMG! LOL! The science of social sharing

    What makes content shareable? Why would someone share a video campaign on Facebook? Or tweet about a brand? Marketing professor Dr. Zoey Chen, who co-authored a paper with Jonah Berger, sat down with Canvas8 to explain how the way we discover content online affects the way we share it.

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    With 79% of Brits rarely or never clicking online ads, brands are wasting huge sums of money on ineffective advertising. So how can companies entice consumers to voluntarily eyeball their content? Canvas8 sat down with 15 British men and women to find out what they think about online ads.

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    While the early web was all about text ‒ dominated by emails, forums and MSN Messenger ‒ it has since transformed into a highly visual landscape. So how can brands understand customers’ conversations when they communicate in images and not words? Can Curalate provide the answer?

  • Instagram is working well for luxury watchmakers Instagram is working well for luxury watchmakers

    It’s no shocker that social is now integral to any marketing strategy worth its salt – a lesson even the most exclusive luxury names have had to learn. But as brands continue to find their place in the social landscape, high-end watchmakers are finding nothing quite beats an upload to Instagram.