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  • French people enjoy a posh coffee
  • French people enjoy a posh coffee
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French people enjoy a posh coffee

A few years ago, French people would have been baffled by the concept of an artisanal coffee shop that serves high-end coffee and almost no food. But there's a growing coffee culture in Paris, inspired by international tastes but infused with a French flavour to get people sipping.



  • Independent coffee shop business is booming Independent coffee shop business is booming

    Whether it’s an 8am wake-up or a 3pm pick-me-up, coffee has a space in the hearts of many people. And with Brits drinking over 70 million cups every day, it’s not just the coffee giants who are benefiting from the nation’s caffeine addiction – many independent coffee shops saw a jump in sales in 2015.

  • Article image Is the French mealtime still sacred?

    French cuisine has long been associated with strictly kept mealtimes and beautifully set tables. But traditions are evolving, and although half the population eat together, it’s not so much for the food as it is for the company. So what brings French people to the table in 2016?

  • The French love fast food The French love fast food

    From escargots to foie gras, France has long been known for its gastronomy. And with the country attracting 83 million tourists each year, it’ll be tough to find anyone who omits ‘food and wine’ from their reasons for visiting. But research suggests the country’s culinary heritage is eroding.

  • Article image Pigalle: how streetwear came to Paris

    Increasingly inspired by outside influences, the fashion coming out of the French capital is changing. Juxtaposing the highlights of its native heritage with gritty American cool, Paris-born Pigalle is a menswear label that embodies the attitudes of young, French fashion-forward men in 2016.