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  • Just 3% of games at E3 had a female lead
  • Just 3% of games at E3 had a female lead
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Just 3% of games at E3 had a female lead

From the presence of ‘booth babes’ at gaming conventions to sexualised female characters, the video game industry has a poor reputation for gender equality. And despite women accounting for a large portion of gamers, it's been found that very few titles feature female protagonists.



  • Article image Miitomo: Nintendo’s safer social media space

    Miitomo is Nintendo’s first entry into the app market – a platform that lets users interact with others by answering questions about their tastes and experiences. It promises a safer social space between friends, but will people care about the vast amount of personal data they’re giving up?

  • PC gaming isn’t dead PC gaming isn’t dead

    With all the talk of mobile games, home VR and augmented reality, it can often seem to non-gamers that the PC would be forgotten when it comes to gaming. But recent research shows this isn’t the case – people still love to game on a computer. How is PC staying so relevant?

  • Article image Why video games are not just for teenage boys

    The word 'gamer' might make you think of teens in darkened bedrooms. In reality, over 60% of all American gamers are adults, and the average gamer is a 30-year-old with a job and family. But why do we play games beyond childhood? And is the way we play as adults any different?

  • Article image Gaming mums

    Over 55s women might make up a hefty percentage of the social gaming audience, but the group we speak to won't buy virtual goods.