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  • Parents in the USA are the least happy
  • Parents in the USA are the least happy
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Parents in the USA are the least happy

A new study suggests that it’s not so great to have children in the US, with the nation having the largest ‘happiness gap’ between parents and non-parents. The country’s lack of child-rearing benefits is seen as the biggest factor – meaning there’s ample opportunity for brands to lend a hand.



  • Article image Hello Mamas: a digital space for new mums to meet

    Between dirty nappies, sleepless nights and screaming kids, being a parent is tough. This is a time when having a good support network is key, but 82% of mums find it difficult to make friends. Enter Hello Mamas, a social networking platform that connects mothers in a bid to form friendships.

  • Article image How are busy parents feeding their kids?

    For mums and dads, getting dinner on the table after an eight-hour day at the office is a complicated task. It’s even more difficult to ensure that they’re giving their children healthy and nutritious food that they will actually enjoy. So how are busy parents feeding their kids?

  • Article image Are new mums and dads becoming ‘drone parents’?

    In the US, 83% of new mums are Gen Yers, and though 88% of this generation want to avoid becoming a ‘helicopter parent’, many are happy to use tech to check on their kids. In the second of a two-part report, we ask if more dads will take paternity leave, and look at the rise of the ‘drone parent’.

  • Article image Nibble+squeak: dining for parents with pipsqueaks

    Fine dining with the kids don’t seem like the perfect pairing. A new dining club is now aiming to introduce toddlers to the world of gastronomy through some of the trendiest eateries in London and New York. But do parents really want to tuck in to oysters and champagne with their toddler in tow?