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  • Modern British families are more than 2.4 children
  • Modern British families are more than 2.4 children
    Kat Grigg (2012) ©

Modern British families are more than 2.4 children

The days of white picket fences and 2.4 children are over. But while British families are a diverse bunch, a new study has created profiles that are more reflective of the real world behaviours, opinions and purchase decisions that are being made in homes across the UK.



  • Article image How do families buy their cars?

    Choosing a family car is an important decision. After all, it's central to many parts of everyday life – from ferrying the kids around to going on weekend adventures – and the associated costs are a major drain on household finances. So what are family buyers looking for at dealerships?

  • Article image How are busy parents feeding their kids?

    For mums and dads, getting dinner on the table after an eight-hour day at the office is a complicated task. It’s even more difficult to ensure that they’re giving their children healthy and nutritious food that they will actually enjoy. So how are busy parents feeding their kids?

  • Article image Are new mums and dads becoming ‘drone parents’?

    In the US, 83% of new mums are Gen Yers, and though 88% of this generation want to avoid becoming a ‘helicopter parent’, many are happy to use tech to check on their kids. In the second of a two-part report, we ask if more dads will take paternity leave, and look at the rise of the ‘drone parent’.

  • Article image Who’s looking after the kids?

    While over 70% of American women with kids are now part of the labour force, rising childcare costs mean that paying for nursery isn’t always an option. In the first of a two-part report, we look at why there’s a childcare crisis, and how governments and alternative carers are helping out.