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  • Americans are lying to avoid going out
  • Americans are lying to avoid going out
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Americans are lying to avoid going out

The average American attends just four social events per month, and a new study has revealed that 80% are lying to get out of leaving the house. Is this simply the Game of Thrones effect, or is FOMO over, as we finally start finding the pleasure in missing out?



  • Article image How often do you feel like disconnecting?

    Do you check your work emails on the weekend? Read your texts during dinner? Chat to mates from home when you’re on holiday? We may be constantly connected, but many people believe there’s a time and place for tech. Canvas8 sat down with 20 Brits to find out when they’d prefer to switch off.

  • Article image #squadgoals: when your social group becomes a status symbol

    Raised online, Gens Y and Z expertly craft virtual identities that reflect and enhance their offline lives. And increasingly, friends – or ‘squads’ – are a part of that image. As the hashtag of the moment, what does #squadgoals say about the way digital natives form and maintain friendships?

  • Goodbye FOMO, say hello to JOMO Goodbye FOMO, say hello to JOMO

    FOMO is a symptom of the modern world – endless status updates of everything from gigs to family gatherings have left us in a constant state of anxiety over what our loved ones are getting up to without us. But in response to this hyperconnected existence, a growing number of us are embracing JOMO instead.

  • Article image How a bit of peace and quiet became the ultimate luxury

    Over-connected consumers are looking to chill out – and achieve more in the process. Brands are capitalising on our collective exhaustion and building big brownie points as they do so. But how did space and silence – very simplistic commodities – become the ultimate luxury?