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  • Boomers are more likely to share on Facebook
  • Boomers are more likely to share on Facebook
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Boomers are more likely to share on Facebook

Teens may be leaving for Instagram or Snapchat, but Facebook still has one loyal generation. It's the favourite social platform for Boomers, and they’re more active on it than people might think. Many are logging on multiple times a day, and they’re sharing posts more than any other group.



  • Dads can’t stop sharing on social media Dads can’t stop sharing on social media

    Three-quarters of parents are on social media, and while US mums might check Instagram as often as six times a day, dads aren’t being left behind. They’re using social media to show off (and keep tabs on) their kids, get dad-to-dad advice, and engage with brands.

  • Article image A Generational Snapshot of Boomers

    How are Boomer women breaking down beauty ideals? What makes this group such dedicated grandparents? And what are their plans for retirement? This Generational Snapshot uses statistics and case studies from the US and UK to explore how Boomers are approaching later life in 2016.

  • Article image OMG! LOL! The science of social sharing

    What makes content shareable? Why would someone share a video campaign on Facebook? Or tweet about a brand? Marketing professor Dr. Zoey Chen, who co-authored a paper with Jonah Berger, sat down with Canvas8 to explain how the way we discover content online affects the way we share it.

  • Article image UK Boomers on Technology

    Boomers may be on their way to retirement, but they take pride in staying young – and tech is increasingly a part of that. Canvas8 sat down with Brits between the ages of 50 and 69 to find out what tech they couldn’t live without and how they really feel about devices at the dinner table.