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  • Americans are scrolling through the news on screens
  • Americans are scrolling through the news on screens
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Americans are scrolling through the news on screens

Readership of physical newspapers is declining. Just a fifth of US adults say they regularly get news from printed publications, falling from 27% in 2013. Instead, more people are turning to their devices to keep up to date with current affairs, be it on a TV, a phone or a laptop.



  • Article image The New Day: updating the tabloid for the digital age

    Media pundits have been calling print a dead format for years. So why has Trinity Mirror decided to launch a newspaper without a website? The New Day combines the best of online and offline worlds, catering to readers who are tired of biased, negative news. But will going against the grain pay off?

  • Article image Blendle: micropayments for news on-the-go

    With the abundance of free content online, people no longer need to pay for the news, causing problems for publications whose traditional revenue streams are drying up. Can giving readers the option to pay for individual articles save quality journalism? Dutch platform Blendle certainly hopes so.

  • Structured Journalism is unpacking the news Structured Journalism is unpacking the news

    How do you read the news? For most people it's in the form of a story with a headline, followed by a beginning, a middle and an end. But a new media movement called 'structured journalism' thinks there is a better way, throwing out the rulebook in favour of a more flexible, interactive approach.

  • Article image NYT for Apple Watch: get the news at a glance

    You’ve gotten hold of an Apple Watch, but what do you do with it? That’s the question for brands eyeing up the next big tech platform. Do people want to read on it? And if so, how do you tell a story on a screen barely bigger than a 50 pence piece? The New York Times could have the answer.