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  • Reco helps bookworms discover page-turners
  • Reco helps bookworms discover page-turners
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Reco helps bookworms discover page-turners

Whether it’s a paperback or an e-book, books aren't going anywhere. But with millions out there, how do people choose what to read next? Reco, a Canadian app from bookseller Indigo, has built its offering around the idea that reader recommendations hold the most weight.



  • Article image Unbound: a new, crowdfunded chapter for publishing

    People don’t spend hours browsing in bookstores anymore, instead relying on online recommendations. Consequently, publishers are having to rethink how to capture readers’ attention. Is Unbound – a platform that lets people influence and crowdfund the next great book the answer?

  • Article image Why the paperback will never be put down

    In the late 2000s the future looked bleak for publishing; giant high street booksellers were going under as experts predicted e-readers, e-books and self-publishing would cause the demise of big publishing houses. So what’s happened? How did the industry adapt to remain alive and well?

  • The rise of smartphone reading The rise of smartphone reading

    The best camera is the one you have with you in your pocket. The same might now be true for books. With smartphones growing increasingly large, will they push the e-reader into redundancy? And is the future of e-books shifting towards the small screen over dedicated devices and tablets?

  • Article image My Independent Bookshop: curating your own bookshelf

    With one new book added to Amazon every five minutes, the independent bookstores in the UK that haven’t already gone out of business are struggling to compete. By launching a personal, virtual bookshop, Penguin Random House is challenging the internet behemoth at its own game.