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  • Tourists are buying tickets to real weddings
  • Tourists are buying tickets to real weddings
    Dinesh Cyanam (2014) ©

Tourists are buying tickets to real weddings

A decade after Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson showed us all how it’s done, wedding crashing is now a bona fide leisure pursuit. Join My Wedding is an Australian start-up that lets soon-to-be-weds in India (and beyond) sell extra spots at their weddings to intrigued foreigners for up to $350.



  • Article image How people travel to get fit or fit in

    What happens if you’re too fat, fit or fabulous for a regular beach or city break? As demand for active, gay-friendly and plus-size holidays grows, travel operators are offering breaks that meet niche needs. In the second of a two-part report, Canvas8 looks at those travelling to get fit or fit in.

  • Article image Dark Mofo: dark arts reinvent festival tourism in Australia

    Cold. Dark. Weird. Three words you probably don’t associate with Australian tourism. But since 2012, cult arts festival Dark Mofo has changed the way Tasmania is viewed – making it the coolest destination for winter. How has this unlikely festival put the state back on the mainstream map?

  • Aussies looking for a perfect wedding abroad Aussies looking for a perfect wedding abroad

    Getting married used to involve a gathering of family and friends for a service in the local chapel. But tying the knot has taken on a different meaning in Australia, with couples booking out resorts in Fiji or Bali and extending celebrations for up to a week.

  • Article image Who wants a friend you have to pay for?

    Our approach to social relations has been changing since Facebook commoditised 'friends' – and it's spreading into the real world too. It's now easy to buy a fake girlfriend, or pay strangers to hang out. But will hiring a pretend-friend for a pint at the pub really become the norm?