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  • eBay ambushes new homeowners with ads
  • eBay ambushes new homeowners with ads
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eBay ambushes new homeowners with ads

eBay has revealed that it knows when you’re buying your first house, and says it uses this information to boost sales in a number of relevant categories. But is this good PR for the company? While people do prefer relevant ads, they may not be happy with companies knowing all their moves.



  • Article image How do you feel about online advertising?

    With 79% of Brits rarely or never clicking online ads, brands are wasting huge sums of money on ineffective advertising. So how can companies entice consumers to voluntarily eyeball their content? Canvas8 sat down with 15 British men and women to find out what they think about online ads.

  • Article image Where should brands fit into our life stories?

    Storytelling has become a guiding principle for great marketing, letting companies neatly fit into consumers’ lives. But with one well-timed ad capable of changing someone’s shopping habits for years, how can brands address our milestone moments without seeming opportunistic?

  • Article image What makes an Aussie dream home?

    With property prices booming, more Aussies are choosing to spend on home improvements rather than a pricey move. How are Australians changing their houses to focus on a connection to the land, doing less with more and creating spaces that nourish both the stomach as much as the soul?

  • Get targeted online ads through the post Get targeted online ads through the post

    In an attempt to keep snail mail useful, Royal Mail is experimenting with targeted ads. These promotions will be delivered through your letterbox, but based on online activity. But considering junk mail is the seventh most annoying part of modern life, won’t this be met with similar disdain?