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  • Barbie makes a comeback
  • Barbie makes a comeback
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Barbie makes a comeback

While Barbie’s reign in the toy aisles has been under threat for some years, Mattel has been working to make her relevant for modern kids. The toy brand has announced a 23% sales jump for the 57-year-old doll, thanks in part to its inspirational 'You Can Be Anything' marketing campaign.



  • Article image Shopkins: cute collectables that drive Gen Z girls crazy

    It wouldn’t be Christmas without a must-have toy. But when it comes to girls, the essential gift for 2015 isn’t from Barbie, Disney or Lego, but from Shopkins; miniature figurines of items you’d find in a supermarket. How are these tiny, cute, plastic characters fuelling girls’ imaginations?

  • Barbie gets a digital makeover Barbie gets a digital makeover

    Barbie is getting a digital makeover. In addition to her fierce sense of style and diverse work history, she'll soon be able to partake in two-way conversations with her owner. Barbie sales have been falling. But now that Barbie can talk back, is her reign really over?

  • Article image Is Barbie’s reign really over?

    With her long blonde hair, tiny waist and pure pink wardrobe, Barbie is an icon. She may be only 11 and a half inches tall, but this cultural giant has occupied a prominent position in little girls’ toy boxes for over half a century. In 2014, Barbie was knocked off the top spot on most the popular girls’ toy list. But is Barbie’s reign really over?

  • Article image What makes a Gen Z ‘craze’?

    Generation Z has grown up with a smartphone in one hand and an iPad in the other. So how come a craze for weaving plastic bands has taken playgrounds by storm? Where yo-yos and football stickers have gone before, loom bands are the kids’ craze of 2014. What exactly makes a Gen Z craze?