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  • Hillary Clinton has launched a podcast
  • Hillary Clinton has launched a podcast
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Hillary Clinton has launched a podcast

When President Obama was a guest on Marc Maron’s WTF podcast in 2015, the episode was downloaded a record 900,000 times in 36 hours. Now, Hillary Clinton is looking to get in on the action by launching her own podcast called With Her, which she'll co-host with journalist Max Linsky.



  • Hillary Clinton answers to voters on Quora Hillary Clinton answers to voters on Quora

    When it comes to the average citizen's concerns, politicians can seem frustratingly distant and out of touch. Hoping to connect to her public directly, Hillary Clinton will answer questions on popular Q&A site Quora, stepping away from Reddit as a safer space in which to ask questions.

  • Hillary2016 campaigns on your phone Hillary2016 campaigns on your phone

    Grassroots campaigning usually takes place on the ground, with volunteers registering and organising activities at a home location. A new app released by Hillary Clinton’s campaign team does away with all that, letting voters direct how they show their support right from their phone.

  • Article image GE – The Message: a chart-topping branded podcast

    In late 2015, The Message knocked podcast royalty This American Life off the top of the iTunes charts. The eight-part series – from GE – attracted over a million listeners, becoming the most successful branded podcast to date. But why were people tuning into what’s essentially a long-form ad?

  • Article image Why podcasts have got us all ears

    Averaging 2.2 million listeners per episode, NPR’s Serial podcast is not just a cultural phenomenon, but a game-changer for a formally underappreciated medium. But why has the story of a 1999 murder in Baltimore struck such a chord? And what is it about the lure of audio that’s driving a talk radio revival?