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  • A Chinese swimmer is winning hearts by breaking taboos
  • A Chinese swimmer is winning hearts by breaking taboos
    Emily Freeman (2014) ©

A Chinese swimmer is winning hearts by breaking taboos

Chinese swimmer Fu Yuanhui had already won the hearts of Olympics viewers worldwide with her excitable celebrations and post-swim interviews. Then, by talking about swimming on her period, she won even more support in China where discussion of menstruation remains taboo.



  • Article image How hedonistic are China‚Äôs youth?

    A sexual awakening is occurring in China. As young people experiment with sex, drugs and civil disobedience, this shift has shades of the West’s cultural upheaval in the ‘60s. But are conservative values still shackling the majority? And to what extent can China’s youth really cut loose?

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    The majority of feminine hygiene products aren’t exciting, but with the corporations responsible for making them barely changing over a century, do women have much choice? Period panty start-up Thinx says yes, offering a friendlier, cheaper and cooler way to sail through that time of the month.

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    Tampon subscription service HelloFlo has won millions of fans by rejecting euphemism in favour of hilarious honesty. But what does its humorous take on being a 12-year-old girl tell us about what we really want from our most intimate brands? How honest is too honest?

  • Chinese women empowered by sport Chinese women empowered by sport

    Chinese women are increasingly paying for fitness gear, classes, coaching and athletic events. And taking note of this trend, Western sports brands like Nike and Adidas are ramping up their efforts to target women with messages of independence, challenging yourself and self-expression.