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  • Printemps personalises the loyalty scheme
  • Printemps personalises the loyalty scheme
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Printemps personalises the loyalty scheme

Luxury French department store chain Printemps has announced a loyalty scheme designed to personalise the shopping experience. Printania is the latest version of an existing programme tied to Printemps’ credit cards and will be launched alongside an updated app.



  • Indian fashion brands launch luxe loyalty scheme Indian fashion brands launch luxe loyalty scheme

    Luxury symbolises exclusivity, quality and wealth, and Indians are spending more on high-end goods than ever before. As people become more attuned to the luxury lifestyle, one business has found a way to reward big spenders for their loyalty across multiple brands.

  • Article image Waitrose Pick Your Own Offers: designing your own discounts

    The UK’s supermarkets are at war. With each chain jostling for space in a market predicted to be worth £203 billion by 2019, Waitrose’s Pick Your Own Offers scheme aims to grow the brand’s share with customisable discounts. But is it enough to win the battle for supermarket loyalty?

  • Article image Rewardle: a loyalty scheme for indie coffee shops

    The Australian coffee shop industry is valued at over $4 billion, and independents account for 95% of all outlets - but the data-driven deals and promotions that big chains can offer pose a threat. Can digital loyalty scheme Rewardle give small coffee shop owners an advantage?

  • Digitising the loyalty card Digitising the loyalty card

    Loyalty cards can offer big discounts from groceries to coffee. But with people often leaving their plastic loyalty cards at home, they’ve become one more thing to remember. Spotting an opportunity, Indian startup Forysta Ventures has created a mobile loyalty platform.