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  • The Latin Baby targets Hispanic mums
  • The Latin Baby targets Hispanic mums
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The Latin Baby targets Hispanic mums

Florida-based The Latin Baby is aiming to get a share of the rapidly growing baby food category by targeting Gen Y mums with new flavour profiles. While baby food options have become more interesting in recent years, ‘Cuban Garbanzos’ might strike the right chord among Hispanics.



  • Article image Kid Licks: tot-friendly manis that are good enough to eat

    Whether it’s trying on lipstick or slapping on shaving foam, kids often mimic their parents. However, many beauty products contain toxic chemicals that can be harmful for children. But with Kid Licks, parents needn't worry – it’s the first organic and edible nail polish for mini fashionistas.

  • Organic brands offer more than health benefits Organic brands offer more than health benefits

    From local produce to lip-gloss, consumers are looking for organic options everywhere. We know that Gen Y are obsessed with health, but what else is causing sales of organic products in all categories to soar? And what can others learn from the success of organic brands?

  • Article image Why today‚Äôs babies have it all

    New mums are older than they’ve ever been. They’re also better off. With the 2.4 kids standard fading, are today’s babies being born into a lap of luxury where only the best will do? If so, how can brands align with this quality-not-quantity approach to family life?

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    Busy parents want quick, healthy options to feed their children, but knowing what's best can be hard. Baby food brand Ella's Kitchen is an authority for parents and kids alike.