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  • Couples are having fewer kids than they want
  • Couples are having fewer kids than they want
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Couples are having fewer kids than they want

Family planning has been hugely successful, causing fertility rates to decline worldwide. Although this is often viewed as a triumph, there is growing concern that couples are having fewer children than they would actually want, with some having none at all.



  • Article image Who’s looking after the kids?

    While over 70% of American women with kids are now part of the labour force, rising childcare costs mean that paying for nursery isn’t always an option. In the first of a two-part report, we look at why there’s a childcare crisis, and how governments and alternative carers are helping out.

  • Article image PANKs: the women nurturing nieces and nephews instead of having kids

    In the US, 47% of women of childbearing age are childless. Reports suggest these women are ‘wealthier, healthier and happier’ than mothers. But while this may be true, another group of non-mums are identifying as PANKs; Professional Aunts, No Kids. So who’s joining the ranks of the PANKs?

  • Article image How has the role of ‘dad’ changed?

    The role of dad has changed from breadwinning head of the family to friend, protector, role model, teacher, and carer, and there's now a record number of single dads. But while 75% of dads are responsible for their kids’ well-being, why do only 20% see that reflected in media?

  • Article image Modamily and the birth of the modern family

    Changing gender roles, new values and an increasingly fluid society mean the nuclear family is starting to feel like a throwback. Is Modamily a sign of things to come?