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  • Teens are vaping flavour, not tobacco
  • Teens are vaping flavour, not tobacco
    Phong Nguyen (2017) ©

Teens are vaping flavour, not tobacco

Seen by public health officials as a gateway drug, and by ordinary citizens as a fashion crime, vaping has gotten a bad rep. But teens’ recreational vaping is far more harmless than originally thought, as the majority are inhaling purely flavoured, nicotine-free fumes. 



  • Tetra is making smoking stylish Tetra is making smoking stylish

    Although the number of people lighting up has declined in recent years, sales of tobacco accessories are on the up – but very few of these items are stylish. Tetra wants to change that, offering up beautifully designed smoking paraphernalia worthy of coffee table status.

  • Article image Pax: a more luxurious way to vape

    Vaporizers have become such a common sight that ‘vape’ was the Oxford Dictionary’s ‘Word of the Year’ in 2014. Looking to target city workers with high incomes, luxury vaporizer brand Pax sets customers back £199. But can it shake off negative stigma and become an aspirational lifestyle product?

  • Article image The psychology of quitting

    From nicotine gum to e-cigarettes, the global smoking cessation-aid market was worth around $2.4 billion in 2011, and as healthcare costs soar and more people seek to give up, its value is set to grow. But when it comes to kicking the habit, what will get people to quit – the carrot or the stick?

  • E-cigs are the teen tobacco product of choice E-cigs are the teen tobacco product of choice

    “More so than quantum teleportation, e-cigarettes make me feel like I’m living in the future,” writes journalist Klint Finley. “They're a true novelty.” And with new research showing that teens now smoke e-cigarettes more than any other tobacco product, it would appear that the future is here to stay.