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  • Parents don't feel close to their kids
  • Parents don't feel close to their kids
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Parents don't feel close to their kids

According to 57% of parents, families are not as close as they used to be. This is partly driven by tendencies to see watching TV as bonding time. By encouraging people away from the sofa and towards the dinner table, brands can help families reconnect by sharing a proper meal.



  • Article image Are new mums and dads becoming ‘drone parents’?

    In the US, 83% of new mums are Gen Yers, and though 88% of this generation want to avoid becoming a ‘helicopter parent’, many are happy to use tech to check on their kids. In the second of a two-part report, we ask if more dads will take paternity leave, and look at the rise of the ‘drone parent’.

  • Richmond Sausages is looking out for Mum Richmond Sausages is looking out for Mum

    The loss of a child’s beloved toy can cause upset beyond measure, but the tantrums and tears that follow can leave parents as aggrieved as their children. Richmond Sausages has cleverly taken advantage of this to win over parents, offering a ‘toy tracker’ with every purchase.

  • Article image Forget 2.4 children, this is the modern family

    No two families are the same. We’re all individuals, and our relationship with our relations is just as complex and unique. It’s not easy to effectively represent the ever diversifying face of the ‘modern’ family – and a bold attempt by Honey Maid has sparked fresh debate.

  • Article image Cheerios Family Breakfast Project: a social start to the day

    In today's busy world, family mealtime is often neglected. Cereal brand Cheerios wants to make breakfast - the most important meal of the day - a more fulfilling family experience.