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  • Facebook wants to replace emails with Workplace
  • Facebook wants to replace emails with Workplace
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Facebook wants to replace emails with Workplace

Most bosses would frown upon their employees' constant use of Facebook in the office, but that could be about to change. A new platform called Workplace has been designed specifically for employee interaction, rivalling other office communication apps like Slack and Yammer.



  • Article image Why are apps starting to look the same?

    The clamour of modern urban life – in both the physical and digital worlds – can sometimes be overwhelming. In the first of a two-part report, Canvas8 looks at how complexion reduction is seeing apps redesigned with bold headers, simple icons and reduced colour for a unified mobile experience.

  • Article image Who wants to work in an office?

    The office is changing. New technology means employees are more mobile, affecting the physical and cultural dynamics. By 2020, freelancers will make up 40% of the workforce, and rent-an-office spaces and cafés are meeting this new need. So what will the office of the future look like?

  • Will Slack replace work emails? Will Slack replace work emails?

    The way people use chat is evolving. People often move through written conversations at different paces, creating multiple threads and subconversations on top of each other. But messaging app Slack aims to simplify this by bringing all your communication together in one place.

  • Article image A very Millennial way of working

    The pursuit of happiness within the workplace has always been important - and as Millennials join the workforce, they're vocalising it more than ever. So how can a company make things work for current employees and ensure they’re appealing to today's many jobseekers too?