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  • Amazon launches music streaming service
  • Amazon launches music streaming service
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Amazon launches music streaming service

As the world’s largest online retailer, Amazon sells pretty much everything. It's now expanding its repertoire into the music sphere with Amazon Music Unlimited, a streaming subscription service that offers up a catalogue of ad-free tracks and curated playlists.



  • SoundCloud Go users can stream stars or wannabes SoundCloud Go users can stream stars or wannabes

    Joining the ranks of paid-for streaming services, SoundCloud Go intends to put unknown artists right alongside megastars. But can the Swedish start-up offer more than bedroom covers of Beatles tracks and wannabe MCs to truly compete with the likes of Spotify and Apple Music?

  • Article image Tidal: premium streaming for Gen iPhone

    In March 2015, a little-known boutique music streaming service became the most talked about thing in the music press. Jay Z’s acquisition and relaunch of Tidal was met with ambivalence at best, ridicule at worst. Yet beyond the uproar, Tidal provides clues about how people like their music.

  • Article image Amazon Echo: talking to your virtual home assistant

    With 60% of Americans using the voice-activated concierge service on their smartphone every day, people are growing accustomed to the idea of interacting with a virtual assistant. Tapping into the trend, Amazon has launched a smart speaker that acts like a home assistant.

  • Article image Tuned in: how 'Generation App' are redefining radio

    For generations growing up with every song at their fingertips and algorithms replacing DJs, how is the medium of radio being redefined, and what new roles can it fulfil?