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  • VR Pay lets shoppers pay by nodding their heads
  • VR Pay lets shoppers pay by nodding their heads
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VR Pay lets shoppers pay by nodding their heads

Chinese internet giant Alibaba is introducing a VR payment system. After the success of its ‘pay with a selfie’ campaign in 2015, which allowed mobile shoppers to pay via facial recognition, the online marketplace will soon allow shoppers to pay simply by nodding their heads.



  • IKEA unveils a VR kitchen showroom IKEA unveils a VR kitchen showroom

    Virtual reality has eluded consumers for years. Devices were in perpetual beta testing, and real-world applications beyond gaming and digital arts remained scarce. But IKEA’s new virtual kitchen showroom may herald a new era in which VR finally becomes commonplace.

  • Reality Theatre is a VR mall Reality Theatre is a VR mall

    Online shopping has slowly eaten into brick-and-mortar sales, while declining shop floor traffic has hollowed out shopping malls to the point where, in the US, they could be faced with extinction. Could Reality Theatre – a VR mall – provide another way for shoppers to experience stores?

  • Article image Marriott VR Room Service: digital postcards inspire adventure

    Since launching in 2013, Marriott’s Travel Brilliantly campaign has been pioneering the future of travel, from mobile check-in to in-room Netflix. Now, guests are able to order exclusive VR content to their rooms. How can travel brands use this tech to boost sales and strengthen consumer loyalty?

  • Article image What's the future for virtual reality?

    2015 will see an avalanche of virtual reality devices appear in the mass market, with the likes of Sony, Google, Facebook and Microsoft targeting gamers across the globe. The technology may now be an attainable reality, but will it be used for anything beyond video games?