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  • Women work more than men
  • Women work more than men
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Women work more than men

The gap in economic opportunity between the sexes is the worst it’s been since 2008. And new research reveals that – while men do 34% more paid work – if you include unpaid labour like housework, childcare and care for older people, women work 39 more days a year than men. 



  • Article image How much housework are men doing?

    The fight for equal pay may be well-publicised, but women are still left to most of the housework behind closed doors. And while advertisers are shifting away from out-dated ideas of macho cleaners and domestic goddesses, how can men be convinced to pull their weight in the home?

  • Article image Cillit Bang – The Mechanic: cleaning made man-friendly

    Cillit Bang’s long-time spokesman Barry Scott has been swept away as the brand seeks to make household chores more appealing to the modern man. But can a Flashdance-inspired ad with Hollywood production values really get blokes more excited about scrubbing their bathrooms and kitchens?

  • Article image Dyson 360 Eye: automate your least favourite chore wherever you are

    Seven in ten Brits don't have time for chores, with nearly 60% sometimes describing their home as a 'pigsty', while one in ten haven't vacuumed in a month. Can Dyson’s 360 Eye quash claims that robotic vacuums don’t work, and let people clean their homes at the flick of a button?

  • Article image Why men are going solo

    Nearly 30% of both UK and US households are single. And of those aged 25-44, there are more than twice as many men living alone as women. It's been described as the greatest social change since the baby boom, but how are brands responding to all these men choosing to ‘go solo’?