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  • Sweet potatoes are keeping Australia healthy
  • Sweet potatoes are keeping Australia healthy
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Sweet potatoes are keeping Australia healthy

Sweet potatoes have been dubbed by some as the ultimate superfood, packed with nutrients and immunity-boosting benefits. This humble vegetable has now emerged as one of the fastest growing fresh produce categories in Australia, with almost 70% of households buying it.



  • Aussies aren’t eating enough fruit and veg Aussies aren’t eating enough fruit and veg

    It’s well known that we should eat five portions of fruit and veg a day, but new research has revealed that a high number of Aussies aren’t getting enough greens. And since rates have remained relatively stable since 2008, there are worrying implications for people’s health Down Under.

  • Article image What’s making Australia fat?

    Australia is the home of the tanned, the active and the healthy. But is this stereotype true? Unsurprisingly, no. With long working hours and a steadfast commitment to a busy social life, Aussies are packing on the pounds. In the second of a two-part series, we look at what’s making Australia fat.

  • Article image How do social Aussies like to eat?

    Australia is a nation without any iconic national fare. Instead, it’s developed an eclectic flavour profile that references the waves of immigration to its shores. In the first of a two-part series we look at Australia’s multi-cultural dinner table and how Aussies like to enjoy their mealtimes.

  • Article image Why Australians want faster food and speedier shopping

    The sun-worshipping, beach-dwelling, slow-living Australian stereotype has never been less accurate. Tech-based solutions and on-demand services are creating an expectation of convenience. But while brands cater to the speed with which Australians consume, are they at risk of sacrificing an emotional connection?