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  • TV is more diverse than ever
  • TV is more diverse than ever
    Garry Knight (2016) ©

TV is more diverse than ever

TV is diversifying – the 2016-17 season will have more LGBT characters than ever. But with the surge in representation, people are calling for minority media depictions to not only go wider, but deeper, expressing the realities of LGBT people rather than using them as props for straight storylines.



  • Article image Charlie Craggs: making trans allies over nails and natter

    While celebrities and brands are championing trans issues in the public eye, fear and discrimination are still prevalent in the lives of many transgender individuals. Through her project Nail Transphobia, Charlie Craggs is fighting prejudice through free manicures and a friendly chat.

  • America is divided when it comes to LGBTQ rights America is divided when it comes to LGBTQ rights

    In the US, high-profile debates over LGBTQ rights are highlighting a national state of uncertainty. With new research showing that the split between acceptance and discrimination is practically 50/50, there's an opportunity for brands to take a stance and make a real difference.

  • LGBTQ women don’t feel welcome at Pride LGBTQ women don’t feel welcome at Pride

    Pride events across the globe are supposed to celebrate diversity and inclusivity for their LGBTQ attendees, but a new survey has found that women don’t feel welcome or comfortable. In fact, just two-fifths are planning on going, even though they believe it’s an important event.

  • Article image Fast and Furious: driving diversity in the cinema

    Eleven years after its debut, the Fast and Furious franchise is more lucrative than ever. The latest is the third film ever to break $1 billion in the box office. But is its success down to cars, girls and explosions? Or does it offer something no other franchise does – a cast as diverse as its audience?