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  • Lego cuts advertising ties with the Daily Mail
  • Lego cuts advertising ties with the Daily Mail
    Lego (2016) ©

Lego cuts advertising ties with the Daily Mail

Lego will no longer be promoting its toys in the Daily Mail in response to observations that the newspaper promotes hateful content. Its decision suggests that socially responsible branding is pushing companies to look beyond themselves and weigh in on bigger issues.



  • Article image What does ‘ethical’ mean to you?

    Whether they’re after free range eggs or fair trade fashion, 65% of Brits want brands to do good. But putting these beliefs into practice is no small feat; just 11% exclusively buy from ethical brands. Canvas8 sat down with 20 British men and women to find out what being ethical means to them.

  • Article image Give a shit! The science of brand values

    There's one rule that explains how trends catch on; visibility. And more than half of us are now willing to pay more for products that are visibly socially responsible. Professor Lynn Kahle, who studies brand values, explains to Canvas8 why a brand’s values matter and how they influence people.

  • Ethical labels are confusing beauty consumers Ethical labels are confusing beauty consumers

    As ethical terms like 'organic' and 'Fairtrade' increasingly make their way into cosmetics and make-up, how many ethical labels is too many? With European consumers already confused by such labels, slapping more of them on tubes and bottles is creating greater uncertainty.

  • Article image Everlane: ‘Radical Transparency’ for savvy millennials

    Beautiful craftsmanship and fine fabrics aren't cheap, especially given the 800% markup between factory and shop floor. But now that US start-up Everlane is cutting the middle man to make ethical premium clothing affordable, its ‘radical transparency’ could really shake things up.