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  • Automakers sold out on Singles’ Day
  • Automakers sold out on Singles’ Day
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Automakers sold out on Singles’ Day

Chinese shopping holiday Singles' Day broke records this year, making $17.8 billion in sales, up from $14.3 billion in 2015. But while it’s standard for everything from cosmetics to cruises to be snapped up, this year there was an unexpected win for automakers – both foreign and home-grown.



  • Article image Lynk & Co: a car designed to be shared

    From airbags to parking sensors, the modern car has seen decades of functional refinement. Chinese automaker Geely is now seeking to bring the car distribution and ownership model up to speed with Lynk & Co, a new brand that’s ready to challenge the conventions of the auto industry.

  • Alibaba launches the first ever 'internet car' Alibaba launches the first ever 'internet car'

    Wouldn’t it be great if your car could book a table for you, direct you to the restaurant, tell you where to park, and then pay for the parking? That’s exactly what Alibaba is promising customers ahead of the launch of its new RX5 connected vehicle in August 2016.

  • Cars are no longer a luxury in China Cars are no longer a luxury in China

    In Europe and North America, cycling is increasingly the vehicle of choice – cheaper, environmentally friendly and unconstrained by cumbersome traffic jams. But in China, where 30 years ago, 20% of people were living in poverty and people were forced to cycle or walk, car ownership is rising. 

  • Article image How the way we buy a car has changed

    Where once buying a car meant travelling to a dealership and speaking directly with forecourt dwellers, this is changing. It is estimated that at least 2,800 dealerships could disappear in the US alone by 2020. So in 2014, how exactly are people going about purchasing a new set of wheels?