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  • Bowls and plates are bought for Instagram
  • Bowls and plates are bought for Instagram
    Tracy Benjamin (2015) ©

Bowls and plates are bought for Instagram

In her 2015 book Bowl + Spoon, food and wellness writer Sara Forte put the joy of one-pot eating centre-stage. And thanks to both foodie culture and design appreciation going mainstream, the crockery that food is eaten on is now becoming almost as important as the food itself.



  • Article image Who wants to taste the rainbow?

    From waffles and ice cream to bagels and burgers, multi-coloured grub has become a culinary phenomenon, responsible for hours-long queues at stores and a deluge of social media posts. But what exactly is the appeal of rainbow food? And could participating in this fad be bad for brands?

  • Article image How to create a multi-sensory flavour sensation

    When it comes to food, it’s all about flavour – right? Canvas8 spoke to Charles Spence, the psychologist behind ‘gastrophysics’, to discover how all senses impact on how we taste and to find out how brands are using packaging, colour and sound to radically alter our flavour experiences.

  • Crusading against the anti-plate trend Crusading against the anti-plate trend

    Whether it’s serving sourdough in slippers or beef curry from a toilet bowl, overreaching restaurants have turned their backs on the humble plate. With over 45,000 Twitter followers, We Want Plates is a movement crusading against the anti-plate trend, fighting for a return to traditional crockery.

  • Article image You are what you Instagram

    Can our eating habits represent our identity? We sat down with author Charlotte Biltekoff to discuss how food aligns with aspirations and ethical codes, and shifting perceptions of health.