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  • Tab for a Cause donates money to charity
  • Tab for a Cause donates money to charity
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Tab for a Cause donates money to charity

How many browser tabs do you have open? Five? Fifteen? Through a browser extension called Tab for a Cause, you can now raise money for charity every time you up your tab count. Having raised nearly $300,000, it’s proving that positive change can come from even the simplest of tasks.



  • Article image Are charities ready for the future of giving?

    With only one in ten Brits donating through an app, and under half of those who interact with charities via social media going on to give money, the digital revolution has had a limited impact on fundraising. How can charities adapt to better accommodate the ways people behave and spend online?

  • Article image Project Everyone: spreading Global Goals for global action

    Changing the world is an ambitious goal, but it’s what the United Nations does. Replacing the Millennial Development Goals, it has announced a set of Global Goals, which it plans to share with seven billion people in seven days through Project Everyone. But is awareness the key to action?

  • Philanthropy for super-rich hackers Philanthropy for super-rich hackers

    Over the past few decades, a small group of entrepreneurs have disrupted countless industries – from media to transportation – and have become immensely rich along the way. These billionaires are now turning their hacker mentality to a new area of concern; philanthropy.

  • Article image The new age of armchair philanthropy

    People are willing to show support for social causes – provided they don't have to do much - and brands are finding new ways to tap into the strength of the herd. By re-engineering menial actions – from buying body lotion to having sex – there are ways to reward everyone.