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  • People don't know much about sugar types
  • People don't know much about sugar types
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People don't know much about sugar types

With the impending sugar tax and increasing health concerns, it's not surprising that a third of people say they're actively reducing the amount of sugar in their diet. But consumers aren’t that clued up when it comes to the sweet stuff – most don’t understand the difference between sugar types.



  • Article image UnReal: low-calorie candy that satisfies a sweet tooth

    Why do the things we love to eat have to be so bad for us? UnReal is on a mission to transform candy, reinventing America's iconic treats with a healthy twist and up to 40% less sugar per serving. But with consumers moving away from restrictive eating habits, do people want clean confectionery?

  • Article image Coca-Cola Zero Sugar: a post-sugar tax rebrand

    With sugar the new demon ingredient, and a public increasingly scrutinising what they’re putting into their bodies, major food and drink brands are scrambling to cater to the health-conscious consumer. Can Coca-Cola Zero Sugar prove that there’s still a space for fizzy drinks in the diet?

  • Pepsi hopes to entice with a premium soda experience Pepsi hopes to entice with a premium soda experience

    If you think ‘1893’ sounds like a new craft lager, it means PepsiCo has hit its mark. It’s actually a new range of sodas that’s launching in the US, and by going for the premium, small-batch feel, the company hopes to cater to a young, adventurous consumer in search of a high-end experience.

  • Article image Vita Coco: the appeal of ‘nature’s soda’

    Marketed as 'nature’s Gatorade', Vita Coco has become popular way beyond the gym. It has a 60% market share in the US, and over 90% in the UK, where it’s the fastest-growing non-alcoholic drinks brand. But just how did Vita Coco turn coconut water into a global phenomenon?