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  • Reading books together is more intimate than e-books
  • Reading books together is more intimate than e-books
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Reading books together is more intimate than e-books

Studies have shown that, when parents and children read stories together, it can have a hugely positive effect on cognitive development, regardless of whether they choose a physical book or e-book. But a preference for paper can make all the difference to how intimate the experience feels.



  • Gen Z love reading Gen Z love reading

    Reading is still in. And not just for older generations; teens still love to read, too. A recent survey looking at generations across the world found that Gen Z rate reading as one of the top activities to do in their spare time. Why does reading still have such an appeal for teens?

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    Stealing mum or dad's iPad to watch a show or play a game has become second nature for Gen Z. But Amazon now wants to give them their own tablet. The Amazon Fire Kids Edition is packed with educational content and kid-friendly movies to ensure they’ll never grab for mum’s gadget again.

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    In the late 2000s the future looked bleak for publishing; giant high street booksellers were going under as experts predicted e-readers, e-books and self-publishing would cause the demise of big publishing houses. So what’s happened? How did the industry adapt to remain alive and well?

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    Stressed out by mortgages, childcare and mountains of laundry, an increasing number of adults are turning to colouring books to unwind. With studies suggesting that even brief periods of art-making can reduce levels of anxiety, could this childhood pastime provide better relief than yoga?