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  • A caring workplace rakes in higher revenue
  • A caring workplace rakes in higher revenue
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A caring workplace rakes in higher revenue

Nice guys finish last, according to the age-old idiom. But it looks like they also make more money. Research conducted by consulting firm Great Place to Work shows that there’s a direct correlation between the amount of revenue a company makes and how ‘caring’ its workplace community is.



  • Facebook wants to replace emails with Workplace Facebook wants to replace emails with Workplace

    Most bosses would frown upon their employees' constant use of Facebook in the office, but that could be about to change. A new platform called Workplace has been designed specifically for employee interaction, rivalling other office communication apps like Slack and Yammer.

  • Article image What do people want from a job?

    Major corporations used to have their pick of the best minds as they left university. But there's now a talent shortage, and 53% of UK workers say that no amount of money could tempt them to a company with a poor employer brand. So how can businesses build their brand to attract the best applicants?

  • Article image Glassdoor: bringing radical transparency to the workplace

    Good maternity package? Fun office environment? Nightmare CEO? Every month, 22 million people use Glassdoor to search for job listings or post reviews about working at a company. With this info at their fingertips and greater expectations of employers, how are job seekers now seeking jobs?

  • Article image Slack: letting your boss read your emails

    Email is dead – that’s what the tech industry has been saying for the last decade. Yet hundreds of unread messages clutter workers’ inboxes every day. Slack aims to increase productivity by improving communication and transparency across entire businesses. Could this really be the end for email?