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  • Young people are celebrating Galentine's Day
  • Young people are celebrating Galentine's Day
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Young people are celebrating Galentine's Day

Not everyone is planning to spend Valentine's Day with a special someone, and research has found that more people are now choosing to celebrate with friends. Dubbed ‘Galentine’s Day’ – taken from TV show Parks and Recreation – February 13th is a new holiday for friendships.



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    Girls’ Night in is a members-only Facebook group for LA’s hottest and coolest women, who whisper and giggle between themselves. And while its ranks are small by internet metrics, these women are highly engaged. So what’s got them sharing their deepest secrets with 1,500 friends they’ve never met?

  • What Facebook attempted to say with Friends Day What Facebook attempted to say with Friends Day

    Valentine's Day and Father's Day have long been condemned as consumer holidays masquerading as celebrations of love. But unapologetically branded holidays are just as common nowadays. Following Amazon's announcement of Prime Day, Facebook has christened February 4th Friends Day.

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    From the rise of metrosexuals – all man bags and make-up – to the growing prominence of gay sports stars, masculinity has evolved to be barely recognisable from its old school counterpart. But how has male friendship evolved with it? And what role does it play in the lives of modern men?

  • Article image #squadgoals: when your social group becomes a status symbol

    Raised online, Gens Y and Z expertly craft virtual identities that reflect and enhance their offline lives. And increasingly, friends – or ‘squads’ – are a part of that image. As the hashtag of the moment, what does #squadgoals say about the way digital natives form and maintain friendships?