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  • The Women’s March was about more than feminism
  • The Women’s March was about more than feminism
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The Women’s March was about more than feminism

Millions of people worldwide participated in January's anti-Trump march, and brands stood with them – at least in spirit – to show solidarity. But what does it mean for a brand to participate in an event that, by its nature, is about physical attendance and a frustration with higher powers?



  • Article image How is the Muslim lifestyle market evolving?

    The halal lifestyle market has been steadily evolving, moving beyond its traditional remit of food and finance, and into the worlds of fashion, cosmetics, dating and intimacy. In the second of a two-part report, we look at how brands are navigating these sectors with Muslims in mind.

  • Article image Charlie Craggs: making trans allies over nails and natter

    While celebrities and brands are championing trans issues in the public eye, fear and discrimination are still prevalent in the lives of many transgender individuals. Through her project Nail Transphobia, Charlie Craggs is fighting prejudice through free manicures and a friendly chat.

  • Article image What beauty brands can do to diversify

    Black women have long been underrepresented by cosmetics brands in terms of product ranges and advertising campaigns. But as the global population becomes more diverse – and as companies recognise the diversity that’s always existed – could the beauty market be set for an overhaul?

  • Article image Hypersensitive! The new political correctness

    As issues of representation and diversity come to the fore in a connected world of social media, how is the new political correctness changing the way organisations communicate?