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  • Sales of dystopian fiction are surging
  • Sales of dystopian fiction are surging
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Sales of dystopian fiction are surging

Over 60 years since it was first published, George Orwell’s 1984 has become a bestseller once again, topping the US Amazon chart. It's one of the numerous dystopian classics that have re-emerged as popular reading material since President Donald Trump took office.



  • The Facebook Journalism Project is fighting fake news The Facebook Journalism Project is fighting fake news

    Facebook is stepping up to combat its fake news problem. With corporate responsibility stretching beyond a brand’s own actions to encompass the actions of those it encourages and facilitates, the social network is acknowledging that it can be held accountable for its indirect influence on the world.

  • Article image Why do emotions trump facts?

    If Faisal Islam, Ralph Keyes and the New York Times are to be believed, the Trump candidacy and the vote for Brexit show we've entered a post-truth era – a world where emotion and populism win out over facts and experts. But is it true? And do emotional appeals really trump facts and figures?

  • Article image Reality sucks! The science of escapism

    The allure of a virtual world – in which anyone could have magical powers and take risks without consequences – is evidenced by the fact that nearly 19 million people play video games in the UK alone. Canvas8 sat down with Dr. Andrew Kuo to understand why we actively escape into virtual worlds.

  • Article image Teen dystopia: reading between the lines

    Following the success of The Hunger Games, young adult fiction is growing darker and increasingly dystopian. How might brands tap into the underlying desires for a new kind of hero?