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  • Choovie offers Aussies cheap movie tickets
  • Choovie offers Aussies cheap movie tickets
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Choovie offers Aussies cheap movie tickets

In a bid to lure people away from their smartphone screens, cinemas are evolving to offer better quality experiences. But for 79% of Aussies, ticket prices are too high. Choovie is an app offering film buffs Down Under cheaper movie tickets to see the films that aren’t in high demand.



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    Gone are the days when you'd queue to buy a ticket for a concert, or wait for one to arrive in the post. As ticket touting grows into a money-grabbing monster and legitimate ticketing goes mobile, how we buy tickets for everything from train journeys to football matches is fundamentally changing.

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    Three in ten US Gen Yers use Snapchat regularly, and they can now buy tickets to the latest X-Men movie through the platform – taking a Magneto-style selfie while they’re at it. By replacing websites and box office queues with a few taps on a screen, can Snapchat keep valuable users within its app?

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    Over the past ten years nothing much has changed about a trip to the cinema, other than the price. But with 62% of moviegoers saying prices are too high, it’s no surprise that attendance is falling. Could an app introducing dynamic pricing lure film lovers back to the big screens?

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    Described as both a “revolution” and a “travesty”, the release of blockbuster dystopian movie Snowpiercer marks a tipping point in the industry’s shift from analog to digital. The film was launched in select cinemas before becoming available on video on demand just three weeks later. Could this mark the future of film distribution?