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  • American schools offer students ‘nap clubs’
  • American schools offer students ‘nap clubs’
    Har Gobind Singh Khalsa (2016) ©

American schools offer students ‘nap clubs’

Numerous studies have demonstrated the importance of sleep to physical and mental health  yet most teenagers don’t get adequate rest. To counter students’ lack of sleep, some schools in the US are offering nap rooms where pupils can chill, unwind and get a little shut-eye. 



  • Article image How can brands help us sleep better?

    Since the industrial revolution, sleep has been compromised for the sake of productivity. But as studies reveal its importance to physical and mental health, companies are beginning to encourage better slumber. How are tech and medicine stepping in to repay our collective sleep debt?

  • Thrive Global wants workers to sleep better Thrive Global wants workers to sleep better

    Science suggests that the most productive thing you can do for your working day is go to bed. And media master Arianna Huffington is shouting this message from the rooftops in her bestseller-cum-business venture, Thrive Global. It’s looking to leverage sleep cycles in the name of higher productivity.

  • Article image Lunya: luxury pyjamas that improve your sleep

    The rise of athleisure has prompted brands to make comfortable clothing that’s fashionable as well as functional. Santa Monica-based Lunya is now shaking up the sleepwear market in a similar manner, offering stylish pyjamas and loungewear that work to improve the wearer’s slumber.

  • Apple iOS 9.3 helps you sleep better Apple iOS 9.3 helps you sleep better

    Are you struggling to catch those ZZZs? Always hitting snooze? The latest update from Apple could be the answer to your midnight prayers. iOS 9.3 is set to include a ‘Night Shift’ feature that adjusts the colour balance of the screen after sunset to make it easier on your eyes before you go to sleep.