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  • The Nokia 3310 is getting a revamp
  • The Nokia 3310 is getting a revamp
    Kurt Komoda (2011) ©

The Nokia 3310 is getting a revamp

Whether it was the impressive battery life, the fact it seemed indestructible, or simply a love of Snake II, there’s an enduring fondness for the Nokia 3310. And now, the model is getting a revamp, with a new version offering a perfect combination of functionality and nostalgia.



  • The new Nokia phone has no internet connectivity The new Nokia phone has no internet connectivity

    People can now use their phones to check emails, manage money and catch Pokémon at the pub. But for many, there's something missing from the modern mobile experience – Snake. HMD is releasing a new Nokia handset for $26 that comes with the iconic mobile game but without web access.

  • Article image OnePlus: a Chinese cult smartphone goes global

    OnePlus has become the smartphone brand on every tech enthusiast's lips, sporting a cult following around its high spec devices with low price tags. How has a home-grown Chinese start-up, which doesn’t invest in any traditional media advertising, taken the tech world by storm?

  • Article image What’s the future of the mobile phone?

    Smartphones are no longer just a means of communicating. They wake us up, get us from A to B and even help us find love. We’ve almost forgotten their original purpose. Text trumps voicecalls and apps trump SMS – it’s a good time to ask – what’s the future of the mobile phone?

  • Article image Amazon Fire Phone: a department store in your pocket

    After years of speculation, Amazon finally announced the Fire Phone in June 2014, featuring stereoscopic glasses-free 3D. Its biggest talking point was Firefly – a visual and audio 'Shazam' that lets you buy whatever you scan directly from Amazon. But do people really want this?