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  • Space aims to make apps less addictive
  • Space aims to make apps less addictive
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Space aims to make apps less addictive

With the average smartphone user checking their device more than 150 times a day, you could be forgiven for wondering if we're addicted to the tech in our pockets. Now, Dopamine Labs – the same company that helps apps get us hooked – has created Space, an app to help wean ourselves off.



  • France gives employees the ‘right to disconnect’ France gives employees the ‘right to disconnect’

    Whether you’re half-way through dinner or on holiday, it can be difficult to ignore work emails coming through to your phone. But France’s ‘right to disconnect’ law guarantees employees the ability to switch off from digital communications from work when they're outside the office.

  • Article image Tinder TV: swiping as a spectator sport

    Tinder has become synonymous with modern dating, and its new app for Apple TV is allowing people to conduct their love lives in full view of friends and family in the living room. But will people actually use it to start a potential new relationship, or just for a bit of human window shopping?

  • Article image Yondr: sweeping people up in smartphone-free experiences

    We’re constantly on our phones, using them to document our lives rather than enjoying the moment. US start-up Yondr aims to improve the live music experience by creating tech-free spaces that block signal too. But do Gen Y really want to miss out on that perfect Instagram opportunity?

  • Article image How often do you feel like disconnecting?

    Do you check your work emails on the weekend? Read your texts during dinner? Chat to mates from home when you’re on holiday? We may be constantly connected, but many people believe there’s a time and place for tech. Canvas8 sat down with 20 Brits to find out when they’d prefer to switch off.