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  • Brazil is cutting budget for Carnival
  • Brazil is cutting budget for Carnival
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Brazil is cutting budget for Carnival

Brazil’s economic woes are knocking Carnival festivities off the list of priorities and at least 48 towns or cities have cancelled carnival parties and events for 2017. But in Rio, where a disgruntled population has been forced to cut back on leisure spending, Carnival is being kept on.



  • Article image How does violence shape life in Brazil?

    Brazil is home to 21 of the 50 most violent cities in the world, with drug trafficking, gang wars, political instability and poverty all fuelling the country’s high crime rates. How are regular Brazilians reacting to persistent urban violence? And how does crime affect their lifestyles?

  • Article image Me Appego: helping Brazilians secure their cars

    Brazil’s high crime rates have many citizens looking to protect themselves – and their property – through technology. Me Appego is just one in a variety of safety measures available for drivers nationwide, letting users track their cars via an app and a small GPS device in their glove box.

  • Article image A Cultural Snapshot of Brazil

    Why are Brazilians splashing on beauty services when they’re skint? What’s got them bringing the bar into the home? And why are family dynamics changing so drastically? This Cultural Snapshot uses local statistics and case studies to explore behavioural norms shared by Brazilians in 2016.

  • Brazil’s citizen journalists expose corruption Brazil’s citizen journalists expose corruption

    In Brazil, many feel corruption and police brutality aren’t addressed by mainstream media channels, and a growing number of guerilla journalists have stepped in to fill the gaps in the national narrative. But with a recent spate of violence against reporters, they're risking their lives to do so.