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  • Instagram expands its storytelling features
  • Instagram expands its storytelling features
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Instagram expands its storytelling features

People are story-telling creatures, and with the help of social media, the way we tell those stories is constantly evolving. Now, Instagram has introduced a new storytelling format for its platform, allowing users to share up to ten pictures and videos in a single, swipeable post.



  • Article image How video is taking over media channels

    If you’ve sung along to Carpool Karaoke, or been mesmerised by a 30-second Tasty recipe, then you’ll know just how engaging video content can be. Video will account for 69% of all consumer internet traffic by 2017, but how can brands best harness this visual medium to engage people online?

  • Article image Snapchat: sending a perfectly timed message

    If you knew that this was the only chance you’d ever get to read this sentence, would you pay closer attention? Snapchat’s ephemeral messages are a more human way of relating digitally, but they offer more than just a carefree share. Their fleeting nature asks us to stop and pay attention.

  • Article image 2016 Expert Outlook on Communications

    Canvas8’s 2016 Expert Outlook on communications explores whether ‘impermanent networks’ will be the platforms of choice in the future, if people are becoming more careful about what they share on social media, and how brands can listen to consumers to better suit their needs.

  • Article image Periscope: how live-streaming went mobile

    Whether it's Snapchat or PewDiePie – the internet is always spewing out hype-shrouded phenomena, often understood exclusively by Gen Z. The latest is Periscope; one in a slew of apps that let users film live-streamed video from their smartphones. Do we really want to watch someone film a video selfie?