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  • Cadence breaks language barriers in business
  • Cadence breaks language barriers in business
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Cadence breaks language barriers in business

Cadence is a service offering a league of interpreters who fill the communication gaps in international business dealings. In a global shift towards welcoming other languages, rather than asserting the dominance of English, it's making sure nothing gets lost in translation.



  • Gant is a brand for global citizens Gant is a brand for global citizens

    American clothing retailer Gant is throwing fun foreign words into its new catalogue’s ads. But more than helping English speakers expand their vocabulary, it's establishing itself as a global brand for a population that refuses to be pigeon-holed into a singular national identity.

  • Article image How is language evolving in the UK?

    The English language is constantly shifting, with merging communities and tech making it evolve faster than ever; 86% of British parents think teens speak a different language on social media. So how can brands use words, emoticons and colloquialisms to better communicate with their audiences?

  • People identify as 'global citizens' People identify as 'global citizens'

    More and more people are identifying as global citizens rather than citizens of the country they live in. Though the idea of global citizenship is something for people to interpret themselves, it's been suggested that recent increases in migration could be driving these changes in attitude.

  • Article image SmartSubs: why English is capturing hearts and tongues in France

    The French have fiercely defended their language for centuries, but via imported TV shows and the internet, English words are infiltrating – 'selfie' and 'troll' now appear in the two most popular French dictionaries. But in a nation with notoriously poor English skills, how can the French adapt?