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  • Aviva retrains 'redundant' employees
  • Aviva retrains 'redundant' employees
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Aviva retrains 'redundant' employees

With automation increasing, many workers are becoming obsolete – and UK insurer Aviva is willing to admit it. The company is retraining all employees who feel a bot could do their job, aiming to equip them with new skills in a bid to keep them dedicated and happy before automation sets in.



  • British Gen Yers have the most negative view on jobs British Gen Yers have the most negative view on jobs

    Between crippling student debt, rising house prices and little disposable income, Gen Yers have got it pretty tough. And they’re not feeling any more positive about the future. Despite many having enrolled in further education, they have the most negative attitudes towards employment.

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    Major corporations used to have their pick of the best minds as they left university. But there's now a talent shortage, and 53% of UK workers say that no amount of money could tempt them to a company with a poor employer brand. So how can businesses build their brand to attract the best applicants?

  • Article image Are we addicted to the future?

    Futurologists – those allegedly able to predict the future – are in high demand from newspapers and major companies keen to see into the coming years. Yet the vast majority of predictions are wrong. What's the appeal of future-gazing? And what might mobilise our visions into the present?

  • Article image Glassdoor: bringing radical transparency to the workplace

    Good maternity package? Fun office environment? Nightmare CEO? Every month, 22 million people use Glassdoor to search for job listings or post reviews about working at a company. With this info at their fingertips and greater expectations of employers, how are job seekers now seeking jobs?